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Heated Foot Bath Therapy Massager with Infrared & Ozone Sterilization


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    Unwind & Revitalize Your Feet

    Immerse your feet into a sanctuary of warmth and massage with our Heated Foot Bath Therapy Massager. Designed to provide a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home, this electric foot bath offers a thermostated pediluvium, ensuring a consistently warm and soothing environment for tired, aching feet.

    Product Features

    At the core of our foot massager lies a suite of features engineered for your comfort and health. The device operates effortlessly with one-click and maintains the water at your desired temperature. The dual-row rolling massage rejuvenates your soles, while the infrared therapy and ozone sterilization ensure a clean and therapeutic session. It’s the care your feet deserve, amplified by convenience and smart technology.

    • Intelligent temperature control for a custom warm soak
    • Infrared therapy to enhance blood circulation
    • Ozone sterilization for hygiene and health
    • Bubble surfing for a relaxing foot spa experience
    • Convenient manual drainage system
    • Wireless remote control for ease of use

    Product Benefits

    The benefits of our heated foot massager extend beyond mere relaxation. Regular use can lead to improved blood circulation, relief from chronic pain, and a reduction in stress and anxiety. It’s ideal for unwinding after a long day, for revitalizing sore feet, or simply for a moment of tranquility.

    • Promotes relaxation and stress relief
    • Supports better sleep by relaxing the feet before bedtime
    • Helps alleviate pain and improves circulation
    • Contributes to overall well-being and foot health

    Why Choose Our Foot Bath Massager?

    What sets our foot bath apart is its perfect blend of traditional massage techniques with modern technology. The careful design ensures every aspect of your foot is attended to, with features like the small particle massage for sole acupressure points. Whether it’s for personal indulgence or a thoughtful gift for loved ones, this device is a testament to health and comfort combined.

    Ready to Pamper Your Feet?

    Give your feet the attention they deserve. With our Heated Foot Bath Therapy Massager, every day can end with a touch of luxury and relaxation. Order now and step into a world where comfort meets health – right at your doorstep.


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    Massage & Relaxation


    Cotton, ABS



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    Mainland China



    Foot massage

    Relax the body

    Promote blood circulation

    relief the pain

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