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Ultimate Cat Tree House Climbing Tower: A Feline Paradise for Playful Adventures and Cozy Retreats


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  • $134.99
  • $134.99
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  • Spacious for more than one cat with an enclosed design for a quiet resting spot for snoozing
  • Multiple scratching posts covered with sisal ropes; solid and stable
  • Durable tower for your pet
  • Fun stimulation for your pet
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    Introducing the ultimate playground for your feline friend – the Cat Tree House Climbing Tower! This meticulously crafted cat tree is the perfect addition to your home, providing your beloved furry companion with hours of entertainment, exercise, and relaxation.

    Cat 60″ Tree Climbing Tower Scratching Post is a perfect gymnastics playground for scratching, resting, and climbing. Features different cat beds for your pet to relax and play. Watch your cat fall in love with this.


    1. Premium Quality Construction: Our Cat Tree House Climbing Tower is constructed with the highest quality materials to ensure sturdiness and durability. The main frame is robust and scratch-resistant wood, and the platforms are wrapped in soft, luxurious faux fur, giving your cat a comfortable and safe place to play and rest.
    2. Multi-Level Design: This cat tree boasts multiple levels of varying heights, providing your cat with the perfect environment for climbing, jumping, and perching. Each level mimics natural tree branches, stimulating your cat’s instincts to explore and climb.
    3. Interactive Toys: Our Cat Tree House Climbing Tower has dangling toys such as plush balls and feathers to keep your furry friend engaged and mentally stimulated. These interactive elements encourage playfulness and provide an outlet for your cat’s hunting instincts.
    4. Cozy Hideaways: Cats love their privacy, and this cat tree includes cozy hideaways in plush-lined condos or cubbies. These enclosed spaces provide a secure spot where your cat can curl up for a peaceful nap or quiet alone time.
    5. Scratching Posts: Say goodbye to shredded furniture! The Cat Tree House, Climbing Tower features sisal-wrapped scratching posts strategically placed throughout the structure. These posts are a dedicated area for your cat to sharpen its claws, promoting healthy scratching habits.
    6. Easy Assembly: We understand your time is precious, so we’ve made assembly a breeze. Our cat tree has easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary tools, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.
    7. Stylish Design: This cat tree is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Its modern design and neutral color palette seamlessly complement any home decor.


    • Dimensions: L 24″ x W 16″ x H 60.08″
    • Size: 60″
    • Material: Natural Sisal Rope & Soft Plush & Flakeboard
    • Weight: 9.7 KG
    • Top Board Dimensions: L 12.6″ x W 12.6″
    • Cave Dimensions: L 12.6″ x W 12.6″ x H 11″
    • Perch Diameter: 11.8″
    • Ladder Dimensions: L 20″ x W 9″
    • Base Board Dimensions: L 24.4″ x W 15.7″

    The Cat Tree House Climbing Tower suits all cat breeds and sizes. Whether you have an energetic kitten or a lazy senior cat, this versatile cat tree will cater to their individual needs.

    Provide your furry friend the perfect place to play, exercise, and unwind. Invest in the Cat Tree House Climbing Tower today and watch your cat’s happiness soar! Your feline companion will thank you with endless purrs and affectionate headbutts.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Cat Tower.
    • 1 x Package of Screws.
    • 1 x Installation Instruction.


    Additional information
    Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in

    One Size

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