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EMS Foot Massager


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    Get all the “oohs” and “ahhs.”
    Have you got sore feet? Please give them a much-deserved pampering. Our EMS Foot Massager is meticulously designed for people who sit or stand for prolonged periods for work. Whether you are a cashier at a store or a high-heel-wearing star in the corporate world, discover relaxation for aching feet and legs every day. Great for whether you are sitting or standing, discover the power of electrical muscle stimulation, which is a great relaxing way to stimulate blood flow and loosen up tired muscles in the feet.
    Acupressure to the rescue
    Intelligent acupressure technology detects acupuncture points on the feet and sends electrical pulses to simulate massage-like tapping, kneading, and stroking. Experience deep relief not only in your feet but also ankles, Achilles tendons, and calf muscles. Circuit-conductive padding on the mat delivers the acupressure technology so you can relax from a long day.
    Luxe padding
    for added comfort
    The foot mat is made of soft, flexible polyurethane for durability that brings a luxe feel. The rug is also foldable and portable for easy carrying or storing.
    Relax in two easy steps
    Step 1
    Place the controller onto the mat and ensure your feet are entirely on the mat for six seconds.
    Step 2
    Press the power on/off button to initialize the control unit of the mat. Choose a mode on the controller, and relax! Note the treatment cycle will run for 20 minutes and automatically shut off after the selected method is complete.
    Relief on-demand, anytime.
    Enjoy a relaxing foot massage wherever you are, whether on the couch watching TV, in front of the computer at your desk, or standing and watching the sunset. It’s possible with our great-to-have EMS Foot Massager. Recommended use is one treatment cycle per day.
    Enjoy (but with precaution)
    People with heart disease, pregnant women, who think they may be pregnant, and individuals who have just had surgery SHOULD NOT use this massager. Please consult with your doctor or a medical professional to see when it is safe to start using such EMS devices.
    For product integrity, ensure that the padding surface doesn’t touch anything metal, and remember to keep the entire pad dry and away from water or liquids. The massager requires two AAA batteries to operate (not included with purchase).
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