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Purr-fect Hydration Haven: Premium Cat Water Fountain for Healthier, Happier Felines


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  • [101oz LARGE CAPACITY] To prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases, stay hydrated. Perfect for dogs, cats, and multiple pet households. No worries about your pets running out of water, even when you’re away.
  • [ULTIMATE HYDRATION FOR PETS] 2 replacement filters ensure pure and healthy water all day. Maintain water purity, increase oxygen content, and provide hygienic water for your beloved pets. Clean filters every 2 weeks.
  • [INTELLIGENT PET WATER FOUNTAIN] Auto-detects low water levels and shuts off to save the pump. Safer for your furry friend. Upgrade to our intelligent pump for the perfect hydration solution your pet deserves.
  • [Premium Quality Cat Water Dispenser] Crafted from food-grade materials with a BPA-free design for durability and safety. Water-level windows allow easy water consumption monitoring. Keep your pets hydrated and healthy.
  • [Ultra-quiet Pet Fountain] Low-consumption water pump operates under 35dB, providing uninterrupted rest for your furry friends. Long-lasting and reliable hydration solution for your pet. Choose our premium pet water dispenser.
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    Introducing the PurrFlow Oasis Cat Water Fountain ? the ultimate hydration solution designed with your feline friend in mind. Say goodbye to stagnant water bowls and hello to a continuous flow of fresh, filtered water that will keep your cat happy, healthy, and hydrated.


    • Stimulating Flow: Cats are naturally attracted to moving water. The PurrFlow Oasis creates a gentle, flowing stream that entices your cat to drink more water, promoting optimal hydration and preventing urinary tract issues.
    • Triple Filtration System: Our cat water fountain features a three-stage filtration
      system that effectively removes impurities, hair, and debris from the water. The replaceable carbon filter ensures the water remains clean and fresh, providing your cat with a pure drinking experience.
    • Quiet and Energy-Efficient: The ultra-quiet pump won’t disturb you or your cat’s peaceful moments. Designed for energy efficiency, the PurrFlow Oasis operates without a hitch while keeping your electricity bills in check.
    • Large Capacity: With a generous water reservoir, this fountain is perfect for multi-cat households or those who prefer less frequent refills. The transparent design allows you to monitor water levels easily, ensuring your cat always has access to an ample water supply.
    • Easy to Clean: Cleaning is a breeze with our user-friendly design. The detachable components can be easily disassembled and cleaned, making maintenance hassle-free. Regular cleaning ensures the longevity of your cat’s water fountain and keeps the water tasting fresh.
    • Non-Toxic Material: Your cat’s health is our top priority. The PurrFlow Oasis is made from BPA-free, high-quality materials that are safe for your feline friend. The sleek and modern design seamlessly integrates into your home decor, adding a touch of style to your cat’s hydration station.
    • Easy to Assemble: Setting up the PurrFlow Oasis is a quick and straightforward process. The intuitive design requires no special tools, and the step-by-step instructions guide you through the assembly process, so your cat can start enjoying clean, flowing water in no time.

    Invest in your cat’s well-being with the PurrFlow Oasis Cat Water Fountain ? where innovation meets hydration. Make every sip a refreshing experience for your beloved feline companion.

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    Dimensions 9.06 × 8.67 × 5.91 in


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