Cat Tree Tower with Scratching Ball, Plush Cushion, Ladder and Condos for Indoor Cats, Gray XH -

Cat Tree Tower with Scratching Ball, Plush Cushion, Ladder and Condos for Indoor Cats, Gray XH


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  • Physical Activity: The various levels, ladder, and scratching ball encourage your cats to stay active, promoting their overall health and well-being.
  • Stress Relief: Private condos and comfortable cushions provide safe havens where your cats can relax and destress, reducing anxiety and enhancing their mental state.
  • Scratching Solution: The integrated scratching ball satisfies your cats’ natural urge to scratch, preventing them from turning to furniture or other items in your home.
  • Entertainment: Your indoor cats will never be bored with this cat tower’s array of play options. It’s an entertainment hub that keeps them engaged for hours.
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    Introducing the ultimate playground for your feline friends – the Gray XH Cat Tree Cat Tower! Designed to cater
    to your indoor cats’ instincts, this multi-level wonderland is the epitome of comfort, entertainment,
    and style.


    • [Easy Assembly]: You can assemble this cat tree quickly and easily with the prepared screws and the
      user manual.
    • [High-grade Material]: Made of reliable chipboard and plush fabrics, this pretty cat tree is durable
      and stable for your pets.
    • [Excellent Stability]: To improve the stability of the cat tree, its frame and
      the structure is well-designed.
    • [Versatile Cat Tree]: Equipped with plush cushions, a scratching ball, a ladder, and two condos, the
      versatile cat tree provides your cats with spacious areas to play and rest.
    • [Comfort and Safety]: Cat holders of different shapes enable your cats to enjoy sunbathing or
      appreciate the scenery, while the condos offer them safety when needed.
    • Multi-Level Design: The Gray XH Cat Tree offers multiple platforms, perches, and condos
      for your cats to explore, ensuring they never run out of places to climb, nap, or observe their
    • Plush Comfort: Each level of the cat tower is adorned with luxuriously plush cushioning,
      providing your beloved pets with the coziest spots to curl up, snooze, and relax.
    • Scratching Ball: Say goodbye to torn furniture! The built-in scratching ball provides an
      an irresistible outlet for your cats to satisfy their scratching urges, promoting healthy claws and saving your
      precious belongings.
    • Interactive Ladder: Watch your agile companions conquer the heights through the
      interactive ladder. It adds an element of play and keeps them engaged in a fun physical
    • Private Condos: Cats love privacy; the Gray XH Cat Tower understands that. The
      integrated condos offer secluded spaces for your feline pals to retreat, rest, and feel secure whenever they
    • Sturdy Construction: Crafted from durable materials, this cat tower ensures stability
      and long-lasting use. Your cats can leap, climb, and explore confidently, and you can enjoy knowing they are safe.
    • Neutral Gray Aesthetic: The elegant gray color of the cat tower effortlessly blends with
      your home décor, adding a touch of sophistication while creating an inviting space for your cats.


    • Color: Grey/black/beige.
    • The thickness of the Chipboard: 0.5″.
    • Material: Chipboard+Plush Fabrics.
    • Height of the Top Cat Holder: 3.2″.
    • Measurement of the Lower 2 Top Cat Holders: 3.9″.
    • Diameter of the Top Cat Holder: 11″.
    • Diameter of the Lower 2 Top Cat Holders: 12.6″.
    • Middle Cat Condo Dimensions: 19.5 “L x 9.8 “W x 9.8 “H.
    • Lower Cat Condo Dimensions: 9.8 “L x 9.8 “W x 9.8 “H.
    • Ladder Dimensions: 15.8 “L x 7.9 “W.
    • Overall Dimensions: 19.7 “L x 19.7 “W x 59.8 “H.

    Give your feline companions the gift of endless fun, relaxation, and comfort with the Gray XH Cat Tree Cat Tower. Order now and provide your indoor cats a space they can call their own.

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    Dimensions 20.83 × 20.87 × 8.27 in

    Gray, black, beige

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