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Ultimate Cat Climbing Haven: 5-Piece Wall Mounted Cat Climber Set for Endless Feline Fun.


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  • [Create a Cat Play Center]: 5-piece set of cat wall furniture includes a climbing shelf; a scratching board; a bridge; a house, and a cat tree; offering your cat a paradise to burn off energy and rest.
  • [Soft and Safe Wood Structure]: Crafted of thick particle board and supported by sturdy brackets, this climber set with cozy plush coverings is ideal for kittens to large cats within 22 lbs.
  • [Aplenty Vertical View]: This cat activity center with a wall-mounted design saves much floor space, enriches your cat’s visual sense, and increases the entertainment space.
  • [Indulge Scratching Nature]: Plus a scratching board and durable sisal posts, this cat house with catnip will attract your lovely cat to scratch arbitrarily while protecting your furniture.
  • [DIY Combination]: This hanging cat climbing structure can randomly be fixed to the wall at a proper height and distance with a detailed user manual to cater to your cat’s preference.
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    5 Pcs Wall Mounted Cat Climber Set; Floating Cat Shelves and Perches Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts Modern Cat Furniture.

    Introducing the 5 Pcs Wall Mounted Cat Climber Set – the ultimate vertical playground for your feline friends!
    Designed with your cats’ entertainment and your home’s aesthetics in mind, this climbing set offers an
    innovative way to keep your cats active, engaged, and happily perched in their little paradise.


    1. Versatile Climbing Options: This set includes five unique components that can be easily mounted on your
      walls, creating a customized climbing experience for your cats. With various heights, angles, and shapes,
      each piece offers a different challenge and intrigues your cats for hours.
    2. Premium Quality Materials: We understand the importance of providing your beloved pets with a safe and durable environment. That’s why each climbing component is crafted from high-quality, pet-safe materials,
      ensuring sturdiness and stability to accommodate cats of all sizes.
    3. Space-Saving Design: Unlike traditional cat trees that can be bulky and occupy valuable floor space, our
      wall-mounted cat climber set utilizes vertical space, making it an ideal solution for those living in
      smaller apartments or houses.
    4. Modern Aesthetics: We believe pet products should complement your home’s décor. With a sleek and
      stylish design, this cat climber set seamlessly integrates into any living space, adding a touch of elegance
      while keeping your cats happy.
    5. Easy Installation: Setting up your cat’s new play haven is a breeze with our simple installation process.
      The package includes all the mounting hardware and step-by-step instructions, so you can quickly
      create a fun and secure environment for your furry companions.
    6. Promotes Exercise and Well-Being: Cats naturally love climbing, scratching, and exploring. Our wall-mounted
      cat climber set encourages physical activity, and mental stimulation, and satisfies their instinctual needs,
      promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle.
    7. Ideal for Multi-Cat Households: If you have more than one cat, you know how essential it is to avoid
      territorial disputes. This climbing set allows multiple cats to explore and play together, fostering a
      positive and harmonious environment.


    • Color: Beige+natural/black+natural/gray+natural.
    • Material: Particle Board + Plush.
    • Platform Dimensions: 12.2″L x 7.9″W.
    • Scratching Board: 7.9″L x 17.7″W.
    • Cat Bridge: 35.4″L x 12.2″W.
    • Cloth Connect Bridge: 21.7″L x 7.9″W.
    • Board on the Bridge (each): 2″L x 7.9″ W (a total of 3).
    • Cat House: 12.2″L x 12.2″W x 12.2″H.
    • Scratching Post: 11″L x 1.8″ W (Inner Diameter) (a total of 1).
    • Scratching Post: 12.2″L x 2.3″ W (Inner Diameter) (a total of 3).
    • Step of Cat Tree: 12.2″L x 7.9″W.
    • The thickness of Particle Board: 0.5″.
    • Weight Capacity: 22 lbs.
    • Quantity of Bracket: 13.
    • Assembly Required: Yes.
    • Net Weight: 16.1 lbs.

    Enhance your cats’ quality of life while maintaining the aesthetics of your home with our 5 Pcs Wall Mounted Cat Climber Set. Give your furry friends the gift of endless entertainment, exploration, and vertical adventures! Whether your cats are playful kittens or seasoned climbers, they will adore their new elevated play area. Invest in their happiness and order your cat climber set today!

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    Dimensions 14.18 × 8.67 × 14.18 in

    Black, Gray, Beige

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